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The Point of Painter’s Rags

(Better for the environment and cheaper to use than paper towels!)

The painter's rags is a multi-purpose tool that no professional painter, or DIYer goes without!  They are the best choice over the commonly used paper towel.  Sure paper towels cost less to buy, but  start to use them and you will see just how many sheets you will use in any one task in comparison to textile painter's rags.  The fact is that per usage painter rags last longer and outlast single use paper towels and therefore cost less to use.

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Best Ways to Wash a Car

For many people today cars have become a necessity and status symbol.  Maintaining a clean sparkling vehicle says a lot about a person.  It'll make the right impression and it's important for the long-term health of your automobile. That's why if you are going to give your car a shine you best do it properly.

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Why Drop Cloths?

(Every project starts and ends with cleaning)
When it comes to painting do as the pros do and use a drop cloth to prepare the area and protect it from potential spills and splatters that will most certainly make your project easier and faster to cleanup and complete.

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