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Best Ways to Wash a Car

For many people today cars have become a necessity and status symbol.  Maintaining a clean sparkling vehicle says a lot about a person.  It'll make the right impression and it's important for the long-term health of your automobile. That's why if you are going to give your car a shine you best do it properly.

There are two macro considerations when washing a car.  One is the use of multiple buckets and the other is the importance to wash starting from top and working your way down to the bottom.  The first of these means that, after the initial rince to loosen the surface dirt and grit, the use of one pail for soapy cleaning water and another pail geared for sluicing the dirt from your washcloth, mit or sponge.  The second aspect here pertains to the amount of dirt that collects starting from the bottom.  You always want to wash from the top down avoiding the potential of dirt being brought up onto the paint of your car's exterior.  Remember soapy water flows with gravity so start at the top and work your way down to the dirtiest part of the car, your rims.  Save them for last.

For the best detailing, a wash mit is recommended to wash your vehicle, using a circular motion to spread the foamy water all over, then immediatly rinsing followed by immediatly drying the wet surface with a chamois or cotton towel.  This proceedure avoids water spots.  Several animal products probably come to your mind such as chamois or lamb wool, but you can be an expert with your results and aid in the protection of animals by using cotton towels that have stood the test of time, performing as well as the first time used.

Always have spare towels around in the event that your towel is dropped onto the ground. Using any dirty cloth or mit that has come in contact with the ground runs the risk of now rubbing dirt and grit particles onto your paint effectively scratching it causing it to be in need of repair.  Another reason for having additional quantities of towels close at hand is for the polishing and detailing process.  One of the best items to use for polishing and detailing the nooks and crannies inside and out of your vehicle is a soft dry cloth like 100% cotton terry towels.