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The Point of Painter’s Rags

(Better for the environment and cheaper to use than paper towels!)

The painter's rags is a multi-purpose tool that no professional painter, or DIYer goes without!  They are the best choice over the commonly used paper towel.  Sure paper towels cost less to buy, but  start to use them and you will see just how many sheets you will use in any one task in comparison to textile painter's rags.  The fact is that per usage painter rags last longer and outlast single use paper towels and therefore cost less to use.

Helping to save the environment by choosing an alternative to paper is the socially responsible thing to do.

Want to talk more about saving the environment?  Fonora all new Painter's rags are Eco friendly as they are made of post industrial overages or waste from the production process of clothing manufacturing.  Imagine the manufacturing of 100% cotton t-shirts.  Long before anyone gets to wear these garments, those units that do not pass the various quality control stages, get removed from production and used for smooth durable, washable painter rags.  If it were not for this useful waste stream, most of these overages would be dumped into our world's landfills. 

Fonora painter rags are made from all new material and should not be confused with those painter rags being offered  and produced from someone's old clothes or bed sheets.  That's right!  Without you truly realizing it you might be cleaning, staining or finishing your new project with someone's old worn out articles.  That won't happen with Fonora painter rags.