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Why Drop Cloths?

(Every project starts and ends with cleaning)
When it comes to painting do as the pros do and use a drop cloth to prepare the area and protect it from potential spills and splatters that will most certainly make your project easier and faster to cleanup and complete.
Fonora offers 3 types of drop cloths for your budget and level of usage from amateur to professional contractor.  True there are many substitutes but each has diminishing returns.

You could use old bed linens, towels that you might have around the house or even old carton boxes but each have their draw backs.
Bed sheets or linens are too thin to properly protect your hardwood floors, carpets or furniture you are covering.  Potential paint spills and splatters will soak right through.  Old towels might capture the paint split, but their minimal size will not properly cover the required surface area and will cause you to constantly move the covering around and make your job longer and more tedious.  Using an old carton box will certainly not capture or control paint spills and the surface area to be covered would also be minimal, not to mention the inability to drape the carton over furniture you plan to protect.  In all cases the use of sustitues lend themselves to producing a mess that would other wise have been avoidable.

Many first time or amateur painters choose the economical plastic sheet or tarps.  This common alternative likewise have their perils.  The big irritation here is that plastic does not absorb paint spills and increases the possibility that any paint on that surface will find its way onto the bottom of your shoes and then track near permanent stains through the rest of the house.  Not to mention the difficulty to keep these thin light plastic sheets in one place.  A seemingly innocent breeze will cause these sheets to migrate all over the room and be slippery while walking on them.  

The core beauty of Fonora drop cloths are their durability, low slip texture and surfaces, their ability to drape over furniture, their ability to capture and absorb paint while maintaining a protective barrier from paint splits and splatters. All combining to make your intended project easier to clean up and complete with less effort.  Using these drop cloths indoors or out will lessen your overall work.