Specialized Cleaning Cloths

Shinex Specialized Cleaning Cloths are designed with one purpose in mind: make your life easier. Whether they are for countertops, glass or those hard to clean areas, they are designed produce the best possible result with the least possible effort.

6555 - Glass Cloth - 5 Pack

It’s not woven… it’s not knitted… these microscopic fibres are intertwined into a construction called non-woven creating a technologically advanced cleaning cloth that you can use wet or dry to clean glass, mirrors and chrome for crystal-clear results. Highly tear resistant, they are virtually indestructible: the more you wash them, the softer they get. Save time, effort, money and the environment by using these cloths instead of inefficient paper towels.

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6582 - Plus 3 Microfiber Cloth - 2 Pack

Introducing Fonora’s Plus 3 cloth: a total of three layers. The Plus 3 Cloth has a high performance sponge, inside two outside layers of Microfiber. Able to retain more cleaning liquid or water than just a conventional cloth, the Plus 3 combines the best performance of cloth and sponge together.

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