Towels, Cleaning Cloths and Accessories

Technology holds an important place in today's world. As more and more everyday items become more complex, it's good to know that nature has provided the premium tool for cleaning: rags and towels. It's our turn to give back by using these easy-to-use, easy to maintain ecological products. Whether it be for the household, a restaurant or mechanic shop, rags and towels offer the best reusable solution to clean messes.

2805 - White All Purpose Cleaning Rags - 5 lbs (2.3kg) Bag

These handy wiping rags are a must for every clean home. Made of the same 100% cotton jersey bright white ALL NEW knit material used for making T-shirts. (NOT OLD CLOTHES!) There are NO scrap pieces in these bags!  Use these absorbent, reusable, washable  cloths for general household cleaning.

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235 - Cleaning Cloth - 30 Pack

The dirtier the job, the more you will appreciate these strong, useful, washable, 100% cotton cloths. There are those cleaning jobs that just cannot be done with even the strongest of paper towels. Fonora Cleaning Cloths will be the cloths you reach for to get the job done efficiently, economically and in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

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510 - Terry Towels - 10 Pack

A trusted household cleaning cloth for years! When you need to get a cleaning job done quickly and efficiently, reach for a proven tool. These plush and absorbent Terry Towels stand up to countless uses and washes. Useful for all tasks, cleaning will be a breeze. Use these towels home or at the workshop, the car, for cleaning up after reno projects and anywhere else they might be needed.

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2002 - Bag of Rags - 20 oz. (567g)

Being environmentally responsible is of great importance to all of us. So getting the job done well and helping the environment at the same time is the choice to make. These cotton cloths are all new clean pre consumer manufactured material, not coming from old clothes or sheets. Do your part for the environment by using these washable and re-usable cleaning cloths instead of disposables.

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5025 - All-Purpose Viscose Wipes - 25 pieces/ Roll

…Lasts all day; then throw it away!

Fonora Viscose Wipes are strong enough to use all day on those jobs that re-washing is just not an option. Use them for every day messes or spills. Have them handy in your car, boat or camp. If you are a professional, keep these wipes handy for clean-ups after your repair jobs.

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