825 - White Painter’s Rags - 4 lbs (1.8kg) Box

These professional quality painter rags are made of the same 100% cotton jersey bright white ALL NEW knit material used for making T-shirts (NOT OLD CLOTHES!). There are no scrap pieces in these boxes. Use them for wiping paint over laps, cleaning your tools, general clean up of painting or renovating and staining projects and even around the home or office.

  • 100% cotton jersey knit.
  • All new material! No old clothes!
  • Handy box with perforated grab hole doubles as a reusable storage box; keeps rags clean and ready for use.
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Low lint.
  • Reusable, machine washable.
  • Irregular shapes varying in size from minimum of 12” up to 24”  (30cm x 60cm)