From staining equipment to coveralls, you will find all you need to complete your paint or staining projects easily and efficiently.

302 - Stain Applicator Pads - 2 Pack

The interior sponge pad of these applicators is covered with a fine cotton knit material that always leaves a smooth application of stain. Simply brush your chosen stain onto the surface then using StainPro Applicators pads wipe the stain into the surface.

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304 - Stain Applicator Cloth - 4 Pack

These cloths are made of 100% jersey knit cotton that always leave a smooth application of stain. Simply brush stain onto surface and wipe the stain product into the surface with the StainPro stain applicator cloth. Unbleached cotton knit fabric.

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606 - Cheese Cloth 5 Yards (4.6m)  - Single Pack

Want good old-fashioned results? 100% cotton cheese cloth has been used for decades by professionals and woodworking enthusiasts. It is the ideal tool for staining, cleaning, polishing and straining paint. The food-grade construction of this cheese cloth is also excellent for straining fruits and vegetables to make preserves and jellies.

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630 - Tack Cloth - Single Pack

The tacky resin of StainPro Tack Cloth effectively removes sanding residue and loose dirt particles, providing a smooth surface for a blemish-free final paint job.

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6510 - Microfiber Dry Tack Cloth - Single Pack

Use the Microfiber Dry Tack Cloth in your painting or staining projects to remove all dust, dirt and sanding particles ensuring a blemish-free surface. The large (16” x 16”) cloth can be folded as many times as necessary to make sure that a clean portion is used for wiping.

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